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China Popular Music Association Harmonica professional committee
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China Popular Music Association Harmonica professional committee is a national social organization under the supervision and guidance of the Ministry of culture and the Ministry of civil affairs. It is a secondary organization of China Mass Music Association and an integral part of China Mass Music Association. China Mass Music Association bears the legal responsibility of the association. The association is performing The constitution of China Mass Music Association shall carry out activities and develop members within the scope authorized by China Mass Music Association.
The society is composed of various harmonica groups, harmonica lovers, harmonica education, training, performance groups and harmonica manufacturers and sellers. Accept the leadership of the Council of China Mass Music Association and carry out the work under the unified guidance of the Secretariat of the association.
Under the leadership of China Mass Music Association, the harmonica Professional Committee of China Mass Music Association shall abide by the constitution, laws and regulations of the state. Unite groups, experts and scholars engaged in all kinds of harmonica music, protect the legitimate rights and interests of the harmonica industry, strengthen industry self-discipline and regulate industry behavior. Carry forward harmonica culture, strive to popularize and improve the teaching and performance art level of harmonica in China, carry out the exchange and Discussion on Harmonica art and technology, expand the influence of harmonica art in all sectors of society, and promote the development of harmonica art and music culture. Serve members, industry and society. We will strengthen learning and exchange with foreign countries and make contributions to the construction of socialist spiritual civilization and the prosperity of socialist cultural undertakings.

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