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the 13th Asia-Pacific Harmonica Festival Organizing Committee held a press conference in Zhutang, Jiangyin
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On December 13, the 13th Asia-Pacific Harmonica Festival Organizing Committee held a press conference in Zhutang, Jiangyin. The official website of the 13th Asia-Pacific Harmonica Festival and the registration channel for participating in the harmonica festival were officially opened. The 13th Asia-Pacific Harmonica Festival will be held in Jiangyin from 6th to 9th. The world's top harmonica masters from the United States, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and other countries will be present at the event, bringing a harmonica cultural feast for everyone.


The Asia-Pacific Harmonica Festival is currently the largest harmonica event in the world and belongs to Asians themselves. In 1995, harmonica players from countries and regions in the Asia-Pacific region agreed to establish the Asia-Pacific Harmonica Alliance to organize their own harmonica activities in Asia. It was first undertaken by the Taiwan region of China in 1996 and will be held every two years in the future. It was held in 2008, 2014, and 2018 in Hangzhou and Beijing, respectively, and the Asia-Pacific Harmonica Festival was held in Jiangyin. Jiangyin is currently the first county-level city to host the Asia-Pacific Harmonica Festival.


The harmonica is a "piano in your pocket". It has the characteristics of fixed pitch, easy to carry, and easy to master. Since its introduction to China in 1931, China has developed into a major harmonica producing country. Currently, it can produce all series of harmonica. The harmonica performance can also play the grand harmonica symphony without relying on the soundtrack of other instruments.


Jiangyin is currently the world's most harmonica-producing city. Zhutang is the township with the most harmonica factories in the world. Own brand), and Jiangyin has 6 harmonica manufacturing enterprises, 4 of which are in Zhutang, and harmonica production accounts for nearly 60% of the world.


Yu Lingling, secretary general of the China Mass Music Association, said: China is a major harmonica manufacturing country, but not a powerful harmonica manufacturing country. The holding of the Asia-Pacific Harmonica Festival will provide opportunities for the development of China's harmonica manufacturing industry, narrow the gap with foreign advanced harmonica manufacturing industries, and catch up with the world. The advanced level, as soon as possible, realize the dream of Chinese harmonica with the most harmonica production and the best harmonica quality in China.


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