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the journey of Easttop harmonica Learning
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In order to improve the comprehensive level of Easttop  and the higher pursuit of the harmonica quality,all management personnel, technical personnel and some front-line backbone employees participated in the harmonica performance training  from November 3 to 5, which was taught and guided by three teachers, Bai Yansheng and Wu Wei and Zong xiaohua.
After arriving at the destination , the group practice of each part started immediately. The members of the group consulted and communicated with each other, greatly improving their tacit understanding. Everyone was full of enthusiasm.

After the intensive training of each part, the ensemble team of the  Orchestra was formally established. After running in again and again, everyone's tacit understanding became higher and higher, and initial results were achieved

we are all grateful for the teachers, who helped us practice again and again ,and ran back among all the voice parts。
This special journey of harmonica learning not only improves  ability to play harmonica, but also strengthens the emotional exchange and solidarity among members. There is no perfect individual, only a perfect team. Solidarity and collaboration are the foundation of all career success. It is such a positive and optimistic corporate culture that shapes the cohesion and centripetal force of Easttop musical instrument company and shines in the industry 
As a harmonica manufacturer,  a really good harmonica was not created only by means of technology . we should  know how to control it, how to play a greater advantage in performance, and combine harmonica manufacturing technology, at  that time, we can achieve great works.

As the host of the 13th Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival in 2020, also as  the first Harmonica Factory Orchestra in China we will present our first show and welcome harmonica lovers from all over the world in the most enthusiastic way.

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