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East Musical Instruments are accelerating the pace of internationalization. The former President of American harmonica association, Mr. Tom Stryker, has been hired as the image spokesman of Easttop harmonica
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 Tom Stryker and Chris Bauer recently joined jiangsu east instruments co., ltd. to represent and consult on its Easttop harmonica series. Easttop harmonica is a high-end harmonica product for professional and amateur harmonica players. After joining Oriental instruments, Tom Stryker and Chris Bauer will play and perform exclusively with Easttop harmonica and promote Easttop harmonica products.

 Tom Stryker is a former President of the American harmonica association (SPAH) and a world-class harmonica player. Chris Bauer is a professional harmonica musician and a member of the SPAH. TOM and CHRIS represent Easttop harmonica, which will greatly enhance the communication between harmonica players and eastern instruments.

Tom Stryker

Chris Bauer

Tom Stryker and Chris Bauer make their official appearance at the NAMM SHOW. 

The Easttop harmonica's "quality, performance and price" product core is reflected in its exquisite design and first-class playing experience. Easttop harmonica is certified by ISO quality system. It has a complete range of products, which can meet the needs of professional harmonica players and provide options for amateur harmonica lovers. Tom Stryker will join hands with Oriental instruments to improve the quality of Easttop harmonica products and expand its international reputation. The appointment of the international spokesperson of Easttop harmonica means that Oriental Musical Instruments will strengthen the promotion in the international market and accelerate the development of Easttop harmonica into an international famous brand

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