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East night Special harmonica concert
Publisher:admin  Time:2017/4/3 13:29:36  Click:3923

In March,bright red blossoms and green willows, In jiangsu east musical instrument , harmonica lovers far apart from each other participate in China Popular Music Association Harmonica Professional Committee preparatory meeting, In the party,harmonica lovers showed their wonderful performance, the audience enjoyed visual feast.



The famous harmonica artist Fuhaojiu from lanzhou harmonica association,83 years old,and ludexing,86 years old from Nanjing go up on the stage and performed,



A chord and two tremolo played pleasant music,The teacher of Nanjing Harmonica Association and teacher Gu Wenbo from Taiyuan play the harmonica trio together.


Teacher Chen shiyi solo, Using a deep and vigorous baritone harmonica .



Harmonica artists, famous brothers BAI, teachers BAIWENSHENG and Bai Rongsheng came to the party,and make harmonica work guidance,The picture shows them watching the party show.



the husband to sing and the wife to follow, XUZHOU harmonica accosiation NIuGE and NIUSAO come here and shared harmonica skills.



Wonderful performance on the stage and smiles under the stage,Cheng Xiaoming and Ding teacher were corkiness.



Have you heard of the five person use different harmonica playing songs of the world?Do you know how to play,teacher yangsheng from tianjin and teacher Dingjin Chenshiyi Taoshenxiang,Wuxiaojie use the longest chord,the heaviest BASS and tremelo, chromatic and Alto Harmonica,The performance won the audience's applause.



Teacher Huang Zhirong from Hongkong with his crisp tone harmonica gives us an impact on vision.


This is Yu Lingling, the Secretary General of the Chinese popular Music Association, played an accordion,There are three piano friends playing harmonica , perfect cooperation.


Teacher Hu Ruimin performed affectionately.



Teacher bai’s chromatic music pushed the party to a climax,

his tunes tactfully, suddenly, agitation, suddenly, iambic,Milton suddenly down, let the audience down the table.his music is Tactfully, loud, melodious,



At the concert, the staff of the east musical instruments were touched by the artists on the stage,a small harmonica can be so magical,they are also very proud that the harmonica that the teachers played which was made by them,how ere the staff not happy.




At the end,all artists performed together-- Auld lang syne,the soulful melody floats in the music hall......







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